Ashurst to teach NewLaw to Stirling University law students

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By Aishah Hussain on

Global firm’s tie-up with Scottish law school looks to prepare next gen for new market challenges and opportunities

Ashurst has joined forces with the University of Stirling to school law students on the new and emerging developments in the legal services sector and the associated career opportunities.

The Ashurst-Stirling tie-up, announced on Tuesday, brings ‘NewLaw’ into the university’s undergraduate curriculum. It will see Ashurst’s ‘Advance Pathway Programme’ added to the law syllabus for students completing a module in commercial awareness this academic year.

Put simply, NewLaw can be described as a global trend seen in law firms, legal consultancies and alternate legal service providers that, through innovation and the adoption of ‘disruptive’ technologies, are changing the way in which legal services are delivered.

The course aims to help students understand the changing legal services market, and identify the challenges and opportunities posed by NewLaw, according to a release from the university. It also seeks to provide them with the skills needed to meet the demands of the new market.

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Carolyn O’Connor, HR manager, national early careers programmes at Ashurst, said:

“We are very pleased to be working with the University of Stirling to inspire and offer a unique opportunity to the next generation of legal professionals to help prepare them for successful careers.”

The tie-up builds on the firm’s existing contributions to the university’s commercial awareness module and work experience scheme. Ashurst also has a separate graduate scheme enabling rookies to train in so-called NewLaw roles, including legal operations, technology and project management, with the chance to complete professional qualifications along the way.

Mike Polson, partner and head of Ashurst Advance Delivery, one of the arms of the firm’s NewLaw division, added:

“The practice of law and the role of legal professionals is changing rapidly, and the education of our future ‘NewLaw’ professionals needs to reflect this new dynamic. This new programme is innovative and forward-looking, not only broadening and deepening the students’ knowledge of ‘NewLaw’, but also providing them with the skills and behaviours needed to meet the demands of the changing legal services market.”

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