Lockdown issues trigger rise in calls to lawyer wellbeing helpline

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Stress and anxiety among top concerns, LawCare stats show

The number of lawyers reaching out to a legal mental health charity has risen again this year, with stress and anxiety among the top concerns. LawCare said it received 964 calls, web-chats and emails to their free support hub in 2020 — a rise of 9% on the previous year.

Almost a quarter of contacts (23%) cited stress as their top concern, while 15% said they were struggling with anxiety — up sharply from 45 people in 2019 to 111 last year. A further 10% raised issues with depression and 10% flagged worries about their career development.

Women accounted for 69% of all contacts and half were trainees/pupils or had been qualified less than five years. Six percent were law students.

The charity also revealed that from March 2020, over a third (34%) of contacts concerned the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Thirteen percent cited a worsening in their existing mental health issues; 12% said they were not being permitted to work from home (WFH); and 11% were struggling to adapt to WFH due to poor supervision, procedures, or provision of equipment. A further 11% said they felt isolated and 9% were being overloaded with work as a result of colleagues being furloughed.

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Other issues raised included childcare, relationship strain, redundancy or inability to find a job, and financial concerns. The charity also heard from legal professionals being asked to work while furloughed.

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, said:

“Our support service continues to grow and help more people year on year. 2020 was a challenging year for most, we are not surprised that anxiety increased at a time of great worry and uncertainty. In addition our website traffic increased by 50% and we allocated more peer supporters and funded more counselling sessions last year than ever before. We expect demand to continue to grow in 2021 as legal professionals continue to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19.”

Feeling stressed or anxious? Contact LawCare.


Anxious Mess

No shit?


Come on

There is absolutely no concrete evidence of any material affect on mental well being across the nation. The most recent studies in suicide rates for example showed no change between 2019 and 2020. Of yes, the snowflakes talk about mental health, incessantly, but when it comes to the crunch we are just getting on with it.


Come on come on

So, what’s the point of your post? The 9% rise is a statistical anomaly? everyone who contacts LawCare is a snowflake? you don’t have mental health problems so why does anyone else? mental health problems don’t exist? it is unacceptable for a lawyer to be stressed? Why did you take the time out of your perfect life to post that?


Do you wanna be in my gang?

A small rise in calls to a help line is not evidence of there being any increase in mental health problems of any true significance, particularly when many, especially younger professionals, are exposed to an online echo chamber that seeks to cast ordinary stress, anxiety or low mood as more singificnant mental health matters. That the increase in calls is only 9% is consistent with there not being any material concerns.

The media is pushing a “wave of mental health problems” narrative, when the data are not there to back up the stories.


Read some Taleb

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence



Not definitively, but it is persuasive and often highly so. That there is no evidence of the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster does not mean they do not exist, but is makes their existence bloody unlikely.

The evidence that has been collated to date consistently points to what many might find a surprising lack of increase in significant mental health issues over the last 12 months.



Read Some, that is a terrible argument in this context. The point does not apply well to situations in which evidence would be expected and is widely available from a range of sources.



What kind of person are ? I have bipolar of 30 years standing at various times i have been to hell and back . You seem think you are some kind of strong man , I don’t moan about or normally tell anyone about what can be a very debilitating condition . You offend me and no doubt others have mental conditions , people like you are the worst sought , pontificating on subject’s your sheer ignorance means you know nothing about .why cannot you just be grateful at your good fortune and good look to have no mental health issues yourself .



Fascinating. And totally misses the point made in the posts which is whether there is an increase in mental health issues. Snowflakes bleating about their mental health undermines the seriousness of the issues for people with real mental health issues, such as yourself and for all you know some of the people you have insulted in your post.

Still odd to be lectured about “sheer ignorance” by someone who uses the grocer’s apostrophe. But it a sign of the times, sadly.

Read before you shout

And? The points being made are (i) people without mental health issues moping about saying they do, an insult to those with mental health issues and (ii) that the alleged tsunami of mental health problems just does not have any evidence to back it up. Your rant missed what was being said.


As someone with a history of serious mental health issues, I am very much in agreement with the comments that 4:47pm seems to be so angry about. At the moment lazy media seems to be drumming out a message that feeling moderately stressed, down or anxious is a mental health issue. It is isn’t a mental health issue, it’s life. Students groaning that being stuck in halls playing X-box and watching Tok Tok for two weeks or so is creating mental health problems are an insult to those who have mental health problems.

Me myself I

How about the trainees and NQs?

I feel like it’s so hard to know what a team is really like remotely so when I’m feeling stressed or down on some days, I’m not sure if it’s: i) the team; ii) the work; or iii) COVID.

Screw COVID!


Sinful lawyer

its actually much stressful: no sunlight, being expected to respond to email because they expect you to be at home, work longer hours, lack of movement, stuck sitting down for hours, neck slouched and more.

It not healthy, its heavy.



It certainly takes its toll on the quality of written English.



£250.00 a hour, stop moaning and get on with it. Think about those that have lost there income, life, family member or are suffering real hardship. You should all be ashamed of your pathetic behaviour.



Out of that £250 per hour a proportion is allocated to tax, then there are non fee earning staff salaries to consider. Then there are the other outgoings such as energy, leases, insurance, equipment, postage and endless ink and paper. The entire revenue of law firms is generated from fee earners. I earned more as a swimming instructor and did half the hours.


Crushing It

Do people really work for as little as £250 an hour these days? Wow, you learn something every day.



How many lawyers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? My client doesn’t have to answer that question.



Stress..anxiety..stress….I’ll tell you what stress is..being a tailgunner in a Lancaster bomber..that’s stress..countries full of whimps



Totally agree with this dude, if you tell people there ill for long enough they will develop symptoms, ill or not… Its the media that is pushing all this mental health rubbish, its called life yeah its bad sometimes but shut up an fix it, stop making excuses for your short falls in life. If you do have a mental health issues it would already have been picked up by a doctor early in life.


Just askng

Are you high dude?



They dont report suicides in my country

Ive already lost 2 friends and 1 colleague


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