Ex-A&O boss resurfaces at NewLaw firm

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Andrew Ballheimer left magic circle outfit in October last year

Andrew Ballheimer (credit: Allen & Overy)

The former global managing partner of Allen & Overy (A&O) has resurfaced at a NewLaw firm.

Andrew Ballheimer left magic circle firm A&O, where he spent over three decades, in October last year. He joins Factor, an alternative legal services provider, as a member of its board of directors.

“I’m aware of the market’s appetite for legal innovation to move from hype to reality, and feel Factor is extraordinarily well-positioned to drive this,” explained Ballheimer, a corporate and capital markets specialist. “The company is a great cultural fit for me, and I’m delighted to be joining such a diverse and impactful board and leadership group.”

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Factor is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice, according to its website, but rather it combines “legal expertise and market know-how of traditional law with the modern processes and technology enablement of New Law”. It employs over 500 lawyers, technologists, and consultants, with offices in New York, Chicago, London, Belfast, and Poland.

During his time at A&O, Ballheimer was involved with the expansion of the firm’s Belfast hub, flexible resourcing arm, Peerpoint, and legal tech innovation lab, Fuse, among a number of other tech-enabled solutions.

He served in various senior leadership positions for more than 15 years, including latterly being the firm’s global managing partner and previously the global co-head of corporate and UK corporate managing partner.

Last month it was reported Linklaters‘ senior partner Charlie Jacobs is joining investment bank JP Morgan later this year. Jacobs, like Ballheimer, has spent over 30 years at the magic circle firm.

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What’s the NQ at NewLaw firm?

Bon Jobi

Hi I am doing a degree in ancient history at the University of South Dunningham and want to know about training contracts. If I get a 2:1 and write a real cool dissertation on the history of zebras will I be able to get an NQ job on at least £150,000?

I'm Option A

If you are either:

A) the spawn of a one-eyed, peg-legged illiterate prostitute single mother and identify as a pansexual woodland tree folk; or

B) related to the London office managing partner for Kirkland, V&E, Milbank, Baker Botts or, if more lucky, some MD at a PE Firm (Apollo, CVC, KKR, WP); or

C) ideally both A and B;

then yes, you will likely knock it out of the park. Oh, make sure you join the uni rowing team. Happy hunting!

Jobi Wan Kenobby

You have about the same chance as everyone outside the top 10 law schools, so I say go for it and follow your dreams. Read The Secret too, it really is an amazing book.


You mean Durham?

Durham Grad

I’ve submitted a vac scheme application – hoping to hear back soon 🙂

Wise sage

Of course



King Wang III

Yes bro, easy tings. No doubt about it.

Dissertation totally optional.

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