Irwin Mitchell junior solicitor among first to receive Moderna vaccine

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Emily Sanderson, 28, says jab ‘didn’t hurt at all’ and would encourage everyone to have it

Emily Sanderson (credit: BBC)

A junior solicitor at the law firm Irwin Mitchell is among one of the first in the country to receive the Moderna vaccine against Covid-19.

Emily Sanderson, 28, is a solicitor and personal injury team leader at Irwin Mitchell based in Sheffield. She has an underlying health condition and was booked in to receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab, ITV reports, until it was deemed unsuitable for under 30s because of a possible link to rare blood clots.

She told reporters this made her really pleased “because it gives people in my situation an alternative”, adding that the jab “didn’t hurt at all, I would encourage everyone to have it”.

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The first Moderna vaccines were administered in 20 sites across the country yesterday, which is also when Sanderson received hers. Moderna is the third vaccine in the nation’s roll-out, alongside Pfizer and Oxford-AZ.

The government’s latest figures show that more than 32 million people in England have now had their first dose of a Covid vaccine, and just under 8 million have received their second dose.

It was recently announced the government had met its mid-April target of offering jabs to those in the highest priority groups, including those over the age of 50 and health and social care workers.



I’d all but taken a step back from trolling people on here. But, this has to be the single most pointless story I’ve ever read on a legal website.

On the other hand, if LC would be interested in hearing about my 2nd jab which I’ll be receiving in June, please do get in touch.



Good break from all the usual salary wars and retention rate reporting crap

And it is vaguely interesting, no reason for all the snide remarks here. Good on this lady.



If a solicitor is the first person to use the loo in the morning, is it to be written up on LC?



Thanks for your comment.

We considered an article on this subject but it poses too many logistical problems: verification, definitions (ie morning GMT, visit as in ‘use’ the toilet or just enter a bathroom?). You can imagine I hope.




*Person in law does anything*
LC: Woah, now this is legal journalism.



If you didn’t take a photo of you getting a vaccine to flex on IG, did you even get the vaccine?



Everyone who posted their vaccine photo on socials is a tool. Every single one.


Mr Hedley Byrne

this is a non-story, but there is a good sentiment behind it, so meh, let’s allow it



I had the AZ. I hope I don’t die.


Sorry to break the bad news but...

You will. It is just whether it will be sooner than you might expect.


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