Bank Holiday round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from the long weekend

Legal news stories

Boris Johnson wants planning reforms to feature in Queen’s Speech [The Times (£)]

Line of Duty and the rule of law [Financial Times]

Judicial review changes will make government ‘untouchable’, warns Law Society [The Guardian]

Apple broke competition law, EU says after Spotify complaint [The Independent]

Human rights barrister says ‘relentless harassment’ of girls is restricting their freedom [Daily Express]

The dividing wall between law and politics is under attack [The Spectator] (free, but registration required)

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Biden stocks his White House with Ivy Leaguers [Politico]

Race row erupts at Rutgers law school after white student uses the N-word while quoting a 1993 legal case: Classmates clash with prominent professors over call for total ban on the word [Daily Mail]

Despotic laws can — even should — be ignored, says Jonathan Sumption [The Spectator (£)] (free, but registration required)

My haven, Robert Rinder: The criminal barrister and star of ITV’s Judge Rinder, 42, in the living room of his house in north London [Daily Mail]

TV star and law grad making thousands on OnlyFans — but knows snaps will ‘impact future’ [Daily Star]

Virtual event: How to get into law as a career changer — with Shearman & Sterling, 2 Temple Gardens, other leading law firms and ULaw [Legal Cheek Events]

“It will always be better to be in the same office but I ask the same question everytime: is it so much better that it merits commuting 40+ minutes each way, spending £7 on lunch and having to wear proper trousers?” [Legal Cheek Comments]

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Its a pity there isn’t more focus on the relentless harassment of males in the media, demonising a generation of young men.


SJW Ray Guns

I know, men are SO hated that nobody wants to marry them anymore. That’s the REAL reason there’s no weddings on at the moment.

You know the last time I saw a highly-paid male footballer, male CEO, male law firm partner, male headmaster, male astronaut, male colonel, male Prime Minister, male commercial barrister, male surgeon, male hedge fund manager, male fashion designer, male rock star, male pilot, male TV presenter, male oil rig worker or male business owner?

Never – they are ALL women!

That’s what you get because of women – all the harassment and demonisation stopping men has driven them underground to live in caves.

Of course, the SJWs call it a ‘pandemic’, but the REAL reason the streets were empty is because men didn’t want to be hounded for being men anymore.


Duke of Wellington

No need to speculate whether you’re a man or a woman given how spectacularly unfunny this was…


God Help Female Clients

And no need to speculate why women are stalked, raped, harassed and murdered everyday.

As you were.


...if you represent them

and no need to speculate why people conflate ‘stalking’ and ‘harassing’ with rape and murder.



How do you plan to ever reproduce with a human female if you genuinely believe they are all out to ‘harass’ and ‘demonise’ men?

Serious question. Will you enjoy the office enough not to ever bother with a family?


Not all women.

But some. And some men.


To quote the students of today – God, you’re a bit ‘triggered’, aren’t you?


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