Pinsent Masons repays government furlough money

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Fieldfisher restores lawyer and staff pay

Pinsent Masons has repaid the cash it received as part of the government’s furlough scheme as Fieldfisher restores lawyer pay.

Pinsents said it paid back the funds in full it received last year and will restore the salaries of the 98% of staff who took part in the firm’s reduced hours and pay programme in 2020.

It also announced that withheld promotional pay rises would be backdated and that it would be increasing its allocation for salary increases after a pause in the review process last year.

Further, bonus payments will be increased after the firm doubled its fund to £13.7 million.

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Pinsent Masons senior partner, Richard Foley, said in a statement: “I’m immensely proud of the team spirit that colleagues have demonstrated throughout such a demanding year.”

He continued: “Like so many businesses, we place great value on having a team that is motivated and empowered to deliver their best for each other and for our clients, even under the most challenging circumstances, and so it is only right that the business has sought to ensure they get the recognition they deserve.”

Fieldfisher, meanwhile, has paid back lawyer and staff salaries, as well as partner monthly drawings, that were cut during the pandemic.

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Latham 4PQE M&A Kingpin

What’s a Fieldfisher?



Another name for a recruiter I think.


confused 1st year nottingham student

meanwhile the elite are smassshhhhing megaadeeaelllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????



I hope that the Legal Cheek editors read this:

I get that you’re low on content but there’s really no point in writing about what happens in national firms like “Fieldfisher” and “Pinsent Masons.” Nobody cares about them. You have to draw the line somewhere. If you’re going to write about Fieldfisher, why don’t you write about my local high street solicitors? I heard they just hired a new secretary. It’s big news in my town. If you must write about this kind of thing, please at least allow readers to filter out news about no-name firms.



Please stop trolling. You realise Fieldfisher is a major international firm right? PEP is nearing £1m too… I really get the impression this website is populated by students rather than professionals. No real professional would ever make a comment like yours.



To be fair, lots of firms are international and have high revenue/PEP but that doesn’t equate to people working there being respected. I mean Dentons is top 5 for global revenue yet it’s basically a joke that is referred to as the McDonalds of law firms. Things like revenue and PEP are irrelevant for 99% of lawyers. The fact that a firm and its most senior lawyers make a lot of money doesn’t really mean anything to everyone else at that firm. I’d much rather make £150k at a firm with low revenue/PEP than £70k at a firm with high revenue/PEP.

Also, here’s a pretty funny article that coincidentally is also about Fieldfisher and Pinsent Masons:

If you work at a firm that pays its partners well but pays junior lawyers poorly, all that tells me is that you are delusional about your chances of making partner/unable to get a job elsewhere.



Plain facts



Pay for a subscription to the Lawyer if you need quality journalism, otherwise just stop checking Legal Cheek?



“the Lawyer if you need quality journalism”


😀 😀 😀


FF associate

Fieldfisher only repaid half of the salary cuts for teams that had a 20% pay-cut.



Please don’t call yourself FF. It makes people think that you’re a real lawyer at Freshfields, not some backwater shanty town firm.


Fresher Watch

Uh-huh, cool. Now back to your revision son, first year exams aren’t over yet.



Do people think it is ethical/morally sound for people to be “encouraging” junior lawyers/students to join firms like these, CMS, Dentons, etc. by reporting on them?


City firm senior associate

I am baffled by this comment. Do we think that there is any firm that Legal Cheek could publish an article on, without people going to town on that firm in the comments?

On what basis would it not be ethically/morally sound to encourage people to join these firms? Is it more ethically sound to “encourage” junior lawyers/students to join firms based on money and a sense of “prestige” (whatever that means) at the expense of the rest of their life?

Can you please explain what is not ethically/morally sound about a career with a decent work-life balance long-term where you can work with nice down-to-earth people and still have a proper life outside of work, with more than enough money to have a very decent quality of life?



Wow, I didn’t know senior associates in London had time to be commenting on trashy legal tabloid sites?! Tell me…are you still nursing your wounds from all those open day rejections at SC/MC & US firms? 😢

Regardless, please keep the nonsense wokery to yourself. That kind of attitude has no place in City law firms.



Christ this is so bitchy! I hope future lawyers take these comments with a pinch of salt and realise that not everyone in the professional is like this.



Whilst he sounds bitter he has a point.
Article about firms like fieldfisher, CMS, Addleshaw – firms ridiculed in the comments.

Article about Latham the other day, what does everyone do in the comments? Ridicule the firm.

Articles about MC/SC firms – all the comments say ‘LOL working the same hours for less pay than US. How rubbish are they?’

There is no firm that is safe from the harsh comments of students who no absolutely nothing about the legal industry.


Anon again

No = know damn it

Pinheads everywhere

Precisely this. LC comments are chock-full of undergraduate LLB gimps without an iota of actually working as a lawyer in the City. Thankfully the closest they’ll ever get to any of these firms is by attending some online open day webinar.

Someone touched a nerve

Anyone referring to themselves as a “City firm associate” without specifying which one is clearly at a sub-par firm – probably one with a large national presence (E.g. Meme firms like CMS). If you are really a senior associate, I hope you are making more than £150k by now. Otherwise, good job lad – you’re in your 30s and making less than 24-year-old NQs.



Is CMS really a meme firm though?? If they’re now apparently paying nq’s £82k, then surely the majority of firms paying less (most UK firms) are also meme status? – including the so-called SC firm BCLP



If you’re a senior associate (i.e. 5-7 PQE) and you’re making less than some NQs, you’re in a meme firm. I would say that CMS meets that criterion. There’s still probably ~40+ firms that pay more than £82k. I’m not sure what firms you’re including in the “majority” that pay less but obviously if we’re including little high street conveyances as actual law firms then the facts will be skewed.


Lmao cool story brah, back to your textbooks you go.



This has got to be the stupidest not blatantly trolling comment I’ve ever seen on this site.

Fieldfisher is a perfectly decent City firm, where you can earn a very good living compared to the average worker in this country and do good quality commercial law.

Shut up, fresher.



Makes sense that a Linklaters trainee would come to the defence of their peers. Truly an “apes together strong” mentality.

Show me someone from an elite firm who would say the same about Fieldfisher.


Clifford Chance

Show me your training contract at an ‘elite firm’ since you’re clearly so qualified to tell the difference. Do you even hold a degree yet? 😬


Apes together strong

Magic Circle gimps sticking together 🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy qualifying into pensions, bud. I’ve heard the exit opportunities are CRAZY good.

CMS Trainee

Disgraceful that these firms took the money in the first place…. That’s the real story


Responding to Anonymous at 3:47pm

Your reading comprehension really needs some improvement…I said ‘most UK firms’ – which means I am excluding US firms. I would really work on improving this skill if you want to score better results on your first-year undergraduate exams, fresher. If you do not do so, you may end up at one of those high-street conveyancer firms you’re demeaning.


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