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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Novichok judge Baroness Heather Hallett reveals the misogyny she faced as a young lawyer – including when she was called into chambers and told: ‘If you need help having another sprog I’m your man’ [Mail Online]

Scroungers, lefty lawyers… the Tories duck scrutiny by inventing enemies [The Guardian]

Top London law clerk facing jail after stealing £130,000 from barristers’ fees [Mirror]

Two more men charged after solicitor Khuram Javed shot dead in Sheffield [Huddersfield Examiner]

Students accused of sexual misconduct barred from finishing courses [The Telegraph]

‘Diva of divorce’ lawyer Ayesha Vardag says having affairs can be GOOD for society and she would turn a blind eye if her own husband cheated [Mail Online]

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‘Go in strong’: University of Washington law student paves way as among first Muslim women to wear a hijab at graduation [Flipboard]

El Salvador president wants Bitcoin as legal tender [Independent]

F Lee Bailey, flamboyant American defence lawyer — obituary [The Telegraph]

Legal loophole which means The Queen could get your pet when you die [Mirror]

“Any grads who want to go into law better do the GDL/LPC ASAP because the SQE is going to be a shambles for the next 5+ years.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Virtual student events this week with mid-sized firms offering commercial law training contracts [Legal Cheek Events]

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Accused of sexual misconduct or guilty of sexual misconduct?

Everyone’s Invited is a series of anonymous and unverified accusations, hardly an ‘anti-rape movement’?


Oh Boy

Accused, but plenty of cases will be passed on to the police for further investigation.

You should feel vindicated that crimes are being solved, yes?

Imagine if it were your girlfriend or sister. Would you not want their accusations to be investigated? Or would you tell them to “pipe down” and let the lad lead a normal life?



Its called innocent until proven guilty, if you can’t wrap your head around that, or don’t agree with that, please consider an alternative career path. Perhaps HR?

Please to emotional situations are pointless, no one has said they don’t want investigations. They just don’t want summary judgment. Its really not difficult.


Oh Boy

But of course, you would prefer summary judgement to say that every one of the millions of women worldwide who report sexual harassment must be lying.



No one said that. This is why people like yourself are destroying the discourse between the sexes. Instead of a rational response it has to be all or nothing with lunatics like you.

Did it not occur to you that perhaps a person could be against two injustices, instead of requiring it to be one or the other?

If you were remotely interested in the law you would know that lying in and of itself and in isolation is of no interest to the court, you would also know that the burden of proof generally lies with the party making the accusation.. this is pretty basic stuff. Which leads me to believe you are not interested or law, or justice you are just a politically motivated woke scold and a troll.

Oh Girl

Oh Boy – punishing someone just because they’re accused isn’t ‘solving a crime’.

Imagine your girlfriend or brother was being accused – wouldn’t you want the accusations investigated? Or should they just pipe down and accept their punishment even if they didn’t do anything?



‘accused’, so in other words no evidence is needed, and on top of the immense damage that a wrongful accusation can do to a young person, their reputation, their studies etc, we are now taking away their ability to earn a degree.

Look at this wonderful world woke misandrists have built for us to enjoy. I for one am glad to see how much better the relationship between the sexes is now.. its not like our young people are being raised to hate and fear each other or anything…



So much ‘hate’ and ‘fear’ between the sexes that there are literally no marriages anymore and no babies being born. Anywhere. The public was told it was ‘COVID’, but of course everyone is running scared. Even the happily married ones, doing it like rabbits.

Perhaps your negative personal experiences with the opposite sex bear no resemblance to the majority?



Well being as I am happily married and have been for more years that i would like to admit I think it is probable that my experiences bear no resemblance to the majority. All of the 20 something I know now entering their 30s are miserable, alone or in unhealthy relationships.

Anecdotal, yes. But from observation young men and women are far more antagonistic than they were when I grew up, both in person, in the media and in the news.

But you keep making assumptions about strangers on the internet because they have an alternative opinion than you.


Oh Dear

I’m sure your wife loves hearing about how ‘misandrist’ the world is.

Never, ever stop complaining to her about how men are treated terribly and how their lives keep being ruined by women. Make sure her mum and sister hear your thoughts too. That’s what keeps a great marriage alive.



Hallett should name the judge concerned.



No because that would require her to make it official, its much better to just gain political clout from the situation and victim status, rather than addressing the actual issue and potentially preventing it from happening to others.


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