The people you’ll meet on your virtual vacation scheme

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Which one are you?

As another round of virtual vacation schemes get underway, Legal Cheek pays tribute to the people you’ll inevitably meet along the way. From the ‘online socialite’ to the ‘WFH elite’, the online experience brings with it a whole range of wonderful characters.

The IT illiterate

The IT illiterate exists in a parallel universe where 2020 didn’t happen. They have a complicated relationship with WebEx/Skype and spend the entire scheme dialling in by phone. On the rare occasion that they join via video, you can expect a chorus of “I think you’re on mute again…”

2. The suited and booted

The smart-casual email went into this rookie’s spam folder. They’re constantly adjusting their tie as a kind of virtual power dressing and consider themselves the Harvey Specter of the group.

3. The WFH elite

Tuning in from their parents’ pad in Monte Carlo, the WFH elite showcases an impressive bookshelf, whilst attempting to keep the pool out of shot. As a mathematical bigwig, they breeze psychometrics and are the ultimate City finance bro.

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4.The 24/7 litigator

Adversarial is this candidate’s middle name. They’re impossible to work with and undermine the purpose of ‘organised fun’ at the virtual socials because they can’t stand losing. You’ve met them before, but they’re even worse at reading the virtual room.

5. The (virtual) pick me candidate

The virtual pick me(!) waves at the end of each call, never takes the breaks, and ends the scheme with serious screen fatigue. They’ll ask questions for the sake of asking questions and set up further meetings with everyone they meet.

6. The online socialite

On the scheme for the lavish dinners and LinkedIn clout, the online socialite is gutted about this year’s online alternative. A bit of a BNOC on home turf, adopting the role of ‘scheme social sec’ comes naturally. Expect to receive an email at 4pm on Friday inviting you to the end-of-scheme virtual sesh.

7. The virtual enigma

They seem to have been relegated from your screen because they never speak, and your video tiles don’t stretch far enough. You forgot they were on the scheme, and they probably did too.

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