Linklaters hands lawyers £300 to cover knitting, yoga and meditation classes

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Spent via mood-boosting app

Linklaters is giving its lawyers and staff a £300 “wellbeing allowance” to access resources that will help support their mental health and wellbeing.

The allowance is to be used in conjunction with a new app the magic circle firm is rolling out for staff in the UK office.

The app, BetterSpace, acts as a “personal wellbeing concierge” in that employees are allocated a budget, take an assessment, and are then offered personalised activities and services they can choose from to improve their wellbeing. Options include knitting, volunteering, yoga classes, as well as sleep and meditation apps.

After trialling the app last year, Linklaters found that 70% of the 336 lawyers that took part reported improved mental health literacy.

Nick Syson, Linklaters’ health and wellbeing partner, commented: “It is more important than ever that we nurture our physical and mental wellbeing and we hope that the BetterSpace app will support our people in doing just that. We are proud of our culture of being open, positive and proactive about mental health and to be championing the next frontier in employee wellbeing support.”

Research has shown the mental health of lawyers, particularly those at the junior end of the profession, has declined as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns. Of the 90% of lawyers that worked from home during the recent lockdowns, 28% believed the experience had a negative impact on their mental health.

With their workforce still working remotely for the most past, City law firms are having to rethink their luxury corporate ‘perks’. After all, what use is an in-office gym and dinner at your desk when you’re working from home?


Avid knitter

If we match US pay then I can buy well-being x 100



Though the data show that that sort of wage increase does not impact well being or happiness materially. Add on the even more stupid hours and the opposite effect is more likely.


Avid Knitter (knitting again)

Thanks, HR. Links is just as sweaty as the US firms for a slice of the cash.

Match the US and I’ll knit a new jumper for each of you.



That is a darn whole load of yarn


Mental health illiterate

My favourite bit is how the stats they quote are an improvement in mental health LITERACY and not actually mental health. Super useful to everyone, I’m sure.



Fam it’s not the cost of knitting classes that’s stopping lawyers from taking it up – they need to be given the actual time to do it


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