Abertay law grad sues uni over probe into ‘offensive’ gender comments

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Lisa Keogh was cleared of wrongdoing earlier this summer, but is now taking legal action for ‘stress caused at the most crucial part of my university career’

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An Abertay law graduate who was subject to a two-month investigation after describing a woman as “someone with a vagina” during an online seminar is taking legal action against her former university for allegedly breaching the Equality Act.

Lisa Keogh, 29, hit headlines earlier this year after being reported by classmates for making what they described at the time as “offensive” and “discriminatory” comments during a class on gender and feminism.

But as reported by Legal Cheek, Keogh was eventually cleared of wrongdoing following an internal investigation by the Dundee-based university. At the time, Abertay said it was “legally obliged to investigate all complaints”.

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The mature law graduate took to Twitter this week to confirm she is taking legal action against her former uni for the “stress caused at the most crucial part of my university career”.

The Mail Online further reports that Keogh’s legal team believe that the university is in “breach of the Equality Act 2010 by pursuing her for ‘expressing her gender critical beliefs'”.

A spokesperson for Abertay University said:

“I can confirm the university has received a letter from Ms Keogh’s solicitor. We won’t be making any further comment at this time.”

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