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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Who won? Prince Andrew? Or Virginia Giuffre? [A Lawyer Writes]

Guiffre v Andrew — an explainer about civil claims, and why they usually settle [The Law and Policy Blog]

Has the Good Law Project been dealt an existential blow? [The Spectator] (free, but registration required)

U.K. Judges Are Helping the Next Robert Maxwell [Bloomberg]

Adding injury to insult: The role of criminal law is to punish harm, not enforce politeness [The Critic]

“No Returns”? What Does That Mean? [Yet Another Blogging Barrister]

Itchy. Expensive. Fashioned for caucasian hair. And just plain outdated! Why it’s time to ditch barristers’ wigs [Mail+]

Joe Rogan, Spotify, and the music streaming business model [The IPKat]

Who would want to be Met commissioner? [Prospect]

The recruitment crisis – what are lawyers looking for in their next role? [Legal Futures]

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Nobody won. It was a game which nobody came out of looking particularly good.


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