‘How enforceable are work from home policies?’

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I am thinking of moving a few hours away from London but can I get away with not going into the office?

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, a junior lawyer working for a City outfit in London is curious to know how other firms are policing their WFH policies.

“I’m a junior City lawyer who is hoping relocate away from London, possibly as far out as Birmingham. I have my eye on a really nice place that’s way more affordable than anything you’ll find with a Tube station, but I am worried that WFH policies are going to change and I’ll be left spending hours on regular commutes.”

“My firm currently has a 50% WFH policy, but my team is really relaxed and let me work from home a lot more than half the time. I understand things can change and I was wondering how strictly firms are actually enforcing these policies? Would really appreciate other people’s experiences/thoughts — thanks in advance!”

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