Climate crisis and emergency legal advice in the spotlight as Pro Bono Week begins

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Annual event promotes and supports voluntary contributions made by lawyers

Tackling the climate emergency and providing legal advice in response to crises are among the key themes at this year’s Pro Bono Week.

The event, which officially gets underway today, provides an opportunity to recognise and support the voluntary contribution made by the legal profession across the UK in giving free legal help to those in need.

This year’s themes include how pro bono can help tackle the climate change and the legal profession’s response to the pandemic and crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Other topics up for discussion is the use of remote and in-person volunteering to support community need and how pro bono can help enhance lawyers’ skillsets.

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Law firms, chambers, legal societies, charities, in-house lawyers, law schools and universities are arranging events or campaigns, both internal or external, to take place throughout the week. It is also an opportunity to publish reports or launch new initiatives to an engaged pro bono audience.

“Pro Bono Week is a great opportunity to shine a light on the important work lawyers do for free to help those in need of crucial legal advice,” said Lubna Shuja, president of the Law Society of England and Wales.

She continued: “I encourage members of the legal profession to participate in events during Pro Bono Week and consider whether they too can volunteer. Pro bono work helps ensure people have access to justice and enables solicitors and firms to give back to their communities.”

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Earn Instead

Volunteers don’t have the same legal rights as employees do.

If you volunteer and experience sexual harassment or racism at work, you cannot approach a tribunal and have ai independent judge look at your evidence. I’ve never seen any lawyer call for #accesstojustice for volunteers.

I’m sorry, but I personally view volunteering as something that makes people an easy target for predatory or abusive behaviour.


Like clockwork

Good to see that old festering resentment is still festering nicely.



How very dare people choose to work for money instead of working for free


Bowser of Counsel 🐶

I’m Pro-Bonio!


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