Asset management firm tight-lipped on TC cancellation reports

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MJ Hudson supposedly releases 12 rookies

An asset management consultancy firm has declined to comment on reports that it’s preparing to cancel the training contracts of up to 12 trainee solicitors.

MJ Hudson is set to terminate the roles at the end of this month, according to reports, with rookies understood to be at various stages of their training.

The London-listed business declined to comment when approached by Legal Cheek.

The reports come just a month after EY resigned as the firm’s auditor, stating it had “lost trust and confidence in the company’s management”. MJ Hudson’s chief executive resigned two days later.

In January, the FT (£) reported that the business was looking at ways to cut costs and strengthen its balance sheet following a slowdown in fundraising and deals activity.

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Surely SRA can step in? Very harsh to let go of people who are mid-TC. Could completely derail their career.


This is so peak..but I swear a similar thing happened to King Wood & Mallesons and a lot of those trainees were able to move to another firm as a trainee. I recall being on a vac scheme and there was a trainee at AG who said he was former trainee at KWM that collapsed. Not sure what the process in terms of moving. Hopefully hr or the senior management have contacts to help them.


The sad thing is, the senior guys will be fine…it’s always the juniors that suffer.


Are they a law firm or is this like a in-house TC? And what’s their NQ salary?


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I know someone who works there – such a shame what’s happening to them. It’s a separate law firm within a wider asset management group – NQ’s are on ~£85-90k.

Good whack

Good whack for a firm that no one has really heard of. Who are their competitors and what are their hours like?


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Horrendous for the youngsters. Hope there is a firm out there willing to help them.


Lool love how you assume they are all super young. Some might be career changers or parelegalled for a while

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Hmm. How do you do on those Watson Glaser critical thinking tests, bud?

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Dumbass, what does “youngsters” mean to you. Not everyone who’s a trainee is “young of age”.

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Can Wernham-Hogg not take them in-house?


SRA when trainees need help: I sleep

SRA when trainees make a mistake after being overworked in a toxic environment: YOU’RE STRUCK OFF

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