Sweet success! Law firm dishes out Wonka-style golden ticket TC offers

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All seven applicants secure trainee positions

Credit: Kevin Rogers (LinkedIn)

Most graduates attempting to secure training contracts are already aware that success can feel like gold dust, but one firm has taken it to the next level by offering actual golden tickets to its future trainees.

In a LinkedIn post, partner at Wilson Browne Solicitors Kevin Rogers announced that the firm’s most recent round of TC offers had been sent to the recipients in the form of a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket.

Initially, there had only been three TCs up for grabs, but the firm decided to increase its offering to accept all seven of those who applied.

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Their marketing team came up with the idea of delivering the offers as golden tickets wrapped inside Galaxy chocolate bars and delivered by the firm’s mascot Wilson Bear. Inside the tickets read:

“Greetings to you (name), the lucky owner of this ticket from Mr Wilson Bear!

This is YOUR confirmation of a Training Contract offer with Wilson Browne Solicitors… (the finding of this ticket has not involved ANY luck! You have EARNED THIS!!!!)

Please present this ticket at the office on (start date) – and do not be late! (You may bring one Wilson Bear Cub with you, and only one… but no one else….)”

Rogers told Legal Cheek “the ‘reveal’ was an afterthought once we realised that we needed to make space for everyone, and bearing in mind that this was such a one-off, and that work should be fun too — that’s how we got there. It has been really well received by all of them, and their peers have congratulated them and celebrated with them, it has been lovely!”

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That’s actually really cute and creative!



If a trainee makes a typo in their email, will they get ousted by the Oompa Loompas?


Snowpiercer Antagonist

🎼Oompa, Loompa, Doompity-Doo,
We regret to inform that we’re firing you,
Oompa, Loompa, Doompa-da Dirst,
You didn’t cc the partner’s name first.



🎼Why don’t you think of the outfit you choose?
Blue woollen suit matched with brown leather shoes?
Our Etonian partners all think you’re a slob,
The result is you’ve gone and lost your job!



If anyone did not read this in the tune of the Oompa Loompa songs from the Gene Wilder film, then you’re as bad as slugworth!


Cease this rose-tinted revisionism

40% of recipients of the original golden tickets suffered life changing injuries as a result. Another 40% may have been injured too. 100% of recipients were exposed to significant risk of death and/or injury. Getting a golden ticket is really not all it is cracked up to be.


Bill (they/ them)

You do realise that Oompa Loompas were stereotyped caricatures of imported and exploited slave labour?

Using any Wonka imagery is bound to reflect badly on the diversity credentials of the organisation and should be reconsidered immediately.


A grown-up

Back in the rear world, the grown-ups don’t need to seek out any and every opportunity to be offended, purely so they can take a duvet day to recover from the horror of it all, and signal their virtue to the world. I’m sure all of the trainees were delighted which is all that matters.


Snowpiercer Antagonist II (chip off the old block)

Oompa Loompa doopity doo…

You’re spending too much time in the loo.

Oompa Loompa doopa dah dee…

You’re fired for taking too long to wee!


Galaxy over Dairy Milk? Hm

First legal task: responding to copyright letters from the Rohl Dahl estate


Docs due tomorrow

Great achievement and well done.

But this is absolutely tragic.



How on earth, as a society, did we successfully convince workers that they should be eternally grateful for the opportunity to sell their daily labour to put profit into the hands of others. This reminds me of a dystopian movie plot.


O Loompa

It is better than being eaten by hornsnozzlers, snozzwangers or whangdoodles.


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