A bride apparently wants to namecheck top law school in her wedding vows

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‘Til death (or BigLaw) do us part…

A purported bride-to-be has taken to Reddit’s popular r/LawSchool community to ask, “Should I mention my class rank in my wedding vows?”

The US-based poster says her fiancé isn’t on board with her plan to mention her legal credentials at the altar. The original post — which appears to have since been removed — read:

“I was planning my wedding with my fiancé when we started discussing wedding vows. He really doesn’t want me to mention it, but I graduated from a T14.”

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In the states, a “T14” is a law school ranked in the prestigious top 14 by US News and World Report’s annual Best Law Schools rankings.

In a later addition to the original post, the bride goes on to suggest a few ways she could work her law school credentials into her vows:

“I was thinking of mentioning it in a casual manner, something along the lines of ‘Baby, without you, I wouldn’t have been able to have graduate xxxxx from law school. Something humble that makes him seem like the good guy. What’s wrong with that?’”

While the post could well be the work of prankster, this hasn’t stopped it triggering a strong response from Reddit users. The general consensus? Your wedding day probably isn’t the best place to advertise your CV.

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