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Paralegal asks if it’s OK to get a second job… as a paralegal 

'You almost certainly should not do this'

Nov 14 2023 6:23am

A bride apparently wants to namecheck top law school in her wedding vows

'Til death (or BigLaw) do us part...

Jul 21 2023 10:00am

Mistaking a partner for a vac schemer, deal-wrecking typos and costing clients thousands — lawyers annoymously share their TC blunders

“The sinking feeling when I realised the error was horrifying," one Reddit user wrote

Oct 20 2022 12:18pm

Concerned girlfriend goes public with boyfriend’s plan to quit law school to become podcaster

‘How do I convince him this is the worst idea ever?’ she asks in Reddit post

Aug 7 2020 12:58pm

Female partner goes public with decision to quit ‘toxic’ law firm

‘I’ve been killing myself taking crazy assignments and working intense hours’, writes mystery lawyer in candid Reddit post

Jul 8 2020 9:29am

Second referendum ‘perfectly possible’, say top EU law professors on Q&A Reddit thread

University of Liverpool experts use social media to spread their wisdom

Aug 5 2016 3:57pm

LSE law professor’s joy as ‘Silicon Valley’ themed exam question goes viral in the US

Fans of hit American TV show go crazy over English IT law problem

May 20 2016 10:19am

The very best legal problems from the wonderful world of Reddit

Someone wanted to know if he could draw a penis on his dustbin

Apr 29 2016 9:06am

Ex-Squire Patton Boggs associate reveals ‘blatant’ gender discrimination and sexual harassment in explosive Reddit Q&A

Female lawyer at global giant’s Qatar office missed her own grandmother's funeral due to work demands

Apr 26 2016 5:07pm

End Of The Day Round-Up

Residents’ legal action over chicken factory smell [Northampton Chronicle & Echo] ‘Why did the US...

Jan 16 2013 6:22pm

Photo Of Man In Front Of Till Sparks Reddit Law Grad Barbs

“First job outa law school,” wrote a Reddit user the other day, hyperlinking his words...

Jan 14 2013 10:34am

Junior Barrister Follows In Obama’s Footsteps By Becoming Top Ranked Post In Reddit’s ‘IAmA’ Section – But Who Is He?

Yesterday, an anonymous junior barrister (whose ID card is pictured below) found himself the talk...

Nov 8 2012 12:30pm