Star London Kirkland lawyers resign ON A SUNDAY in corporate law power move

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By Bradley Fountain-Green on


Reportedly join rival Paul Weiss

Debt finance rainmaker Neel Sachdev and three other partners have left Kirkland & Ellis to join US rival Paul Weiss in London — and in what could be interpreted as big corporate law power move, they apparently handed in their notices on a Sunday.

Sachdev, alongside fellow debt finance partner Kanesh Balasubramaniam, and capital markets partners Matthew Merkle and Deirdre Jones resigned from the firm over the weekend, according to Financial News.

The top London lawyer has been with the firm for two decades, after joining in 2003 as an associate, following a training contract at Freshfields. He has worked on clients such as PizzaExpress on their recent £335 million refinancing, and the EG Group on their £900 million acquisition of Woolworth’s Australian petrol division.

The 2023 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List 2023 shows trainees at K&E are some of the best paid in the City, taking home £60,000 in their first year, rising to £65,000 in the second year of their training contract. The NQ salary currently sits at around £170,000 while those who go on to make partner can trouser seven and even eight figure sums.

The move comes only two weeks after it was revealed that Paul Weiss’ London managing partner Alvaro Membrillera was making a move to K&E.

A spokesperson from Kirkland said: “We appreciate their contributions to the partnership and wish them the best at their new firm.”

Paul Weiss has been approached for comment.



Neel interviewed me for a TC a couple of years ago; I don’t remember any of the questions he asked but I do remember that he had at least 50% of his shirt buttons undone and that his office was covered with strip-LED lighting set to this dark blue that flickered every so often…

One of my more memorable interviews!


After a quick online search, I can confirm the unbutton tendencies are common.


Absolute sigma move lads (and ladette)


I’m confused. What’s the correlation, precisely, between resigning on a Sunday, and the resignation being a power move?


It’s the Lords work. Super duper alpha move.

Big time

Except HR works Monday to Friday.


Neel Sachdev earned between $7-8m a year and that was back in 2018. Can only imagine what it is now, likely 8 figures…

US firm trainee

word on the street is that he earns £20 mill


Do Paul Weiss offer TCs?…👀 lol why the firm sound like a nice clothes brand lol

Insights pls

I always wonder when you get to that stage is the work life balance still horrific considering how much you’re being paid?

Skeptical of your grammar

Are you sure you don’t wanna go for pinsent masons instead?

Skeptical of your career choice

Are you from third rate US like K&E?

Patrick Bateman Enjoyer

10/10 picture LC

The greenback boogie.

Everybody wanna know
How it feel
Everybody wanna see
What it’s like

I’ll even eat a bean pie
I don’t mind
Me and Missy is so early busy busy makin’ money

All step back, I’m ’bout to dance
The greenback boogie.

I'm a straight guy btw

Oh Neel Daddy😩

I’m a not straight guy

You not gonna make an exception?


Pause tf

MC Junior Associate

Makes sense, Sunday is apparently a normal working day at Kirkland (or at least that’s what the various emails we receive from them on the weekend would suggest).


Some of the worst lawyers I came across were from a U.S. firm..tbf they were probably tired aff but comeee on.


Keep earning your abysmal £50k salary as a 10PQE in Manchester mate.

MC associate

It’s true – US lawyers are shocking, they simply don’t have the training. They’re document jockeys.

It doesn’t change that they’d paid very handsomely.

Happy regional lawyer

Okay mate, back to bum licking your partner while your eyes droop for lack of sleep. You know what I get to do at 5 pm?…leave 🤣🤣🤣

*mike drop*

Money ain’t everything pal.

Kirkland NQ

Enjoy your shared rental flat in some depressing provincial backwater, hope your off the rack Burton’s suit doesn’t chafe you too much on the bus ride home.

Any idea where I can get my Lambo valeted while I pop over to Saville Row to get my latest work wear fitted? Oh, yes, of course not.

Get it right son

It’s Savile Row.

But as you’ve never been there, because you’re a second year law student at the University of Roehampton, it doesn’t matter.


Every time you mention your supposed tailor you misspell “Savile”

Kirkland NQ

Won’t be missed. He was totally threatened by me.


To be fair Sachdev is a legend in the levfin space.


I don’t think most people understand just how explosive this news is….

Sachdev leaving Kirkland.. it doesn’t get much bigger than this… It’s like Steve Cook leaving Slaughters….

Would love to know the thoughts of Kirkland stars David Higgins and Adrian Maguire right now….

Brb just returning some videotapes

Can he get a reservation at Dorsia though?

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