Inns scholarships: £6 million on the table for future barristers

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By Rhys Duncan on


Deadline fast approaching

Another year, another round of awards. The scholarship application window for the bar course is now in full swing at the Inns of Court.

Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Middle Temple have just shy of £6 million in financial support available for the next cohort of budding barristers.

Gray’s has made at least £1.4 million available this year to fund upwards of 85 scholarship awards. Last year these ranged from the minimum of £5,000, up to £23,000.

Inner Temple has on offer seven large scholarships of around £20,000 each, plus a number of other awards ranging from the minimum £3,000 up to £20,000. In total, the Inn will be awarding £1.7 million.

Lincoln’s has set aside £1.5 million to cover a number of scholarships. The value of each award is calculated through a means test based on the applicants’ disclosed financial resources and obligations.

Middle Temple has a fund in excess of £1.3 million for scholarships.

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With the most expensive bar courses pushing towards £20,000, the Inns’ scholarships offer a financial lifeline for many aspiring barristers.

Students can only apply to one Inn for a bar course scholarship, with the deadline for each Inn being the 3 November 2023.

For more information about the application processes and assessment criteria visit the Inns’ individual scholarship pages: Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Middle Temple.

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