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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Viewing the courts [A Lawyer Writes]

Bring back the Law Lords [The Critic]

Farewell FaceTime? That’s in store if the UK’s new snooper’s charter becomes law [The Guardian]

Using AI to monitor the internet for terror content is inescapable – but also fraught with pitfall [The Conservation]

Why the ICJ’s Provisional Measures Matter (Even If Israel Doesn’t Immediately Comply) [International Law Blog]

5 Ways India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 differs from Europe’s GDPR [Legal Cheek Journal]

Judge led action is future-proofing judicial diversity [The Bar Council]

What Taylor Swift Taught me about Fascism [Critical Legal Thinking]

With airstrikes on Houthi rebels, are the US and UK playing fast and loose with international law? [The Conversation]

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