Why you probably shouldn’t date a law student

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From arguments to superiority complexes — the reasons are many

It might be true that a law student is considered one of the most desirable catches on campus. A sense of prestige and entitlement often accompanies these legal scholars, making catching one seem like the ultimate status symbol. (Ok, I might be biased).

However, while there may be plenty of reasons to pursue a relationship with one of these esteemed students, Legal Cheek is here to offer a sobering dose of reality on why dating a law student might NOT be the best idea.

Here’s a tongue in cheek list of eight reasons to sashay away this Valentine’s Day.

1. Always losing the argument

Normally, arguing is a sign of a healthy relationship. It’s a great opportunity to get those everyday groans and grumbles out in the open and release a healthy dose of stress. But with a law student, an argument is a game of warfare; a game of linguistic strategy that can only end with one winner — and it will never be you (even if they’re wrong!). It feels like every well-intentioned bicker will be met with the dreaded “that depends”: a formidable opponent that can’t be countered without professional legal training. You’re screwed; you just wanted to have a grumble about them leaving crumbs in the bed and now you’re having a heated discussion about the definition of a “crumb”.

2. Superiority complex

You’ve seen them around campus, with their Harvey Specter-esque aura. The ego of the law student is an unstoppable force of nature with its own palpable gravitational pull; a fantastical creature to behold, but not so fantastical when it comes to romance. “What do you study?” they’ll ask innocently at any social event, before hitting you with the line: “I’m a law student by the way.”

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3. They have literally no time for you

Working around the clock starts at uni for aspiring lawyers, especially around deadline season. If you’re unfortunate enough to date one, prepare for a life of solitaire and M&S meals for one. Or, if you’re really lucky, you might get to tag along with them to a law firm open day.

4. Having to hang out with their lawyer friends (yawn)

Going to the pub with their friends becomes a waking nightmare. Even if you could navigate the acronyms (LLB, LPC, SQE, LLM, NQ !?) you invariably find yourself nodding through a barrage of boring legalese. R v Brown might be an interesting topic for a while, but sitting through lengthy discussions on the differences between fixed and discretionary trusts is enough to put you to sleep. Caveat emptor? Caveat emptBORE.

5. Playing second fiddle to a pile of reading

Every law student’s second priority will always be their work — second only after themselves of course. Even when there are no deadlines due, the required reading of lengthy journal articles and 100-page cases will keep your paramour perpetually preoccupied. They’re likely to be more committed to a Lord Denning judgment than they are to you.

6. The drama, the stress

A law degree is HARD. So, even when your law student beau can finally prise themself away from readings and essays, they will bring their stresses with them. It’s unavoidable that the looming figure of their next deadline will be an invisible third party in your relationship. Prepare to be a human therapy animal providing consistent support through the inevitable late-night tears and frustrated law student rants.

7. Being the dumb one in the relationship

Oh, you thought you were smart? A law degree can be fiercely competitive and it’s likely that your legal amore fought off plenty of competition for their spot. “Oh, you don’t know any Latin?” they ask, disappointed. You immediately feel stupid. Another reason why any law student should be persona non grata in your dating life.

8. Having to spend time in the ugliest building on campus

“Come and study with me in the law building, babe,” they said. So, you find yourself studying in a dark and dingy outpost in the most brutalist building on the whole of campus. If reading law comes with so much prestige, why is the law building always the ugliest space in the city?


Bristol Alum

If the law libraries were in the worst buildings, maybe arts students wouldn’t clog it up for the ✨aesthetic✨

Bristol fan

Bristol’s law school and beautiful library is in the rather lovely, elegant old Wills Memorial building. It was a great place to spend the days. I felt privileged to be there.


Avoid this difficulty by going to Oxford, where the law library is the ugliest building in the city.

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