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No impact on pass mark

Students eagerly awaiting their SQE1 results this week may discover that their scores are out of 179 rather than the expected 180. This adjustment, the regulator revealed this week, is due to the removal of one multiple-choice question from the Function Legal Knowledge (FLK) section following a recent change in the law.

According to a notice on the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s website, the question was removed from the marking and grade calculation process after a legal change resulted in the question “becoming invalid”.

This was identified as part of the usual post-assessment checks, the regulator said.

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This will have no impact on grade calculations, however. “For the avoidance of doubt,” the regulator continued, “the question was removed prior to standard setting taking place with a final passing standard set for a test of 179 questions. This has been approved by the Assessment Board in order to maintain the validity of the assessment and its outcomes.”

The SRA did not disclose which question was removed or the specific change in the law that prompted its removal

Students can expect to receive the results of their SQE1 exams on Thursday after 11am. Candidates should receive an email notifying them of their results, with a follow up later in the day containing details for booking the next SQE2 slot.

The SRA will publish a report on the results in April.

Legal Cheek recently reported that the pass rate for SQE2 had dropped significantly since the previous sitting, tumbling from 79% down to just 64%.



Or they could just pull the SQE altogether


or you could revise harder and pass it first time


Wish they would put as much effort into studying as they do into moaning.

Archibald O'Pomposity

Cue a load of whinging about the SQE from the mediocrity.


I see you commenting in the defence of the SQE on here more than any complainers. Do you work for Kaplan or something?


Or you could just not be a smart ass 😏

Concerned Citizen

Interesting that they’ve allegedly pulled a question from FLK1. There was a similar issue with one of the FLK2 questions – spotted by quite a few people I’ve spoken to, although obviously for NDA purposes can’t elaborate further – that they should have pulled. Potentially a typo on their behalf.


The FLK 2 one that rhymes with Patutory Megacies?

Concerned Citizen

That’s exactly the one.

URGENT - From: An anxious client

Or perhaps the LPC was too easy in the first place – geographically depending!

Fed Up Commenter

Are you saying its easier to pass the SQE inside London or outside?

Fed Up Commenter

There are so many rude comments about “studying harder” in the comments. I have a first class undergraduate non-law and a distinction in MA (conversion) which is a GDL with Diss attached. I know how to study. Doesn’t mean that the SQE isn’t hard, significantly harder than the LPC and quite frankly isn’t something you can do with a part time job unless you’re also doing part time study (whereas you could with the LPC). This excludes certain classes and financial backgrounds from engaging in law. Quite the opposite of what the SQE was meant to do

Get a grip

I know many who have done the SQE with full time jobs. Some with kids too.


Just had my results and both FLK1 and FLK2 scores were shown out of 180.


Guess you selected the correct answer to the incorrect question.

Congratulations, an impressive achievement.

Please note the same in your CV.


You may not have realised this, but there were different exam papers, to allow people to sit the exam on different days. Your paper did not contain the faulty question.

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