Return to practice for US lawyer who defecated in Pringles can

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On his way to court

A US lawyer, who was suspended last year for defecating in a Pringles can and throwing it into a car park on his way to a court hearing, has been given the green light to return to practice.

Jack Blakeslee was handed a one-year suspension, with six months stayed, by the Ohio Supreme Court in November 2023 after a “prank” in which he left a Pringles can with human feces in the car park of a crime victim advocacy center in November 2021.

In suspending Blakeslee, the court was of the opinion that this action called into question the lawyers fitness to practice. “[D]espite societal standards of cleanliness and decorum, Blakeslee failed to control his own bizarre impulses to place feces-filled cans out in public for unsuspecting people to find”, the court said.

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After his short ban, however, the attorney is back after complying with the conditions imposed, and not engaging in any further misconduct, US website The Columbus Dispatch reports.

The criminal defence attorney was caught engaging in the bizarre incident on surveillance cameras. At the time, it’s reported that he wasn’t targeting anyone in particular, and had pulled the Pringle poop stunt at least 10 times already that year.

The attorney, who started practicing in 1976, had known the victim advocates at the centre for years, and was scheduled to see them in court 15 minutes after depositing the Pringle container. At the time, he was representing a defendant accused of murder.



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