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The best corporate law firm perks in London

Some great reasons to become a lawyer

Oct 26 2016 9:06am

The law firms with the friendliest trainees in Britain

No Hunger Games vibes here

Oct 20 2016 9:10am

Barrister excluded from UKIP leadership contest after filing 17 minutes late

Humiliating day for profession as Woolfe outmaneouvred by, inter alia, one-time TK Maxx store manager and Tesco supervisor

Aug 3 2016 2:21pm

Not Made Up: Percentage of women promoted to partner at top 30 firms drops by 6%

Fewer than one in three new partners are women

Jul 27 2016 12:49pm

‘Is you on crack or somethin’?’ Judge Foskett could topple Corbyn on Thursday after hearing

Ali G’s one-time agent brings case which could see Labour leader required to get nominations to stand in election

Jul 27 2016 9:50am

Boom time expected for lawyers as Pokémon Go sweeps nation, with legal actions multiplying in its wake

Will the 'augmented reality' game be the new Article 50?

Jul 21 2016 10:08am

#EpicGrayl – The Sequel: Just when you thought it was safe to be governed again…. here’s Grayling

Lawyers jittery as to just how much power former Justice Sec will have by week’s end. We look at the frankly terrifying runners and riders

Jul 13 2016 1:32pm

Chilcot: UK’s toughest ever précis challenge — tweet by tweet

Lawyers among the leading contenders as tweeters attempted to condense 2.6 million words into 140 characters

Jul 6 2016 1:15pm

Top firms release their full year financial results and profits per equity partner continue to rise across the board

Gravy train continues on merry way but will Brexit prove to be a buffer?

Jul 6 2016 9:58am

‘The day of the constitutional lawyer has come’ says Prof Dougan

Liverpool Uni law lecturer gives evidence to House of Commons Treasury Committee on all things Brexit

Jul 5 2016 1:49pm

Crowd justice to the rescue

Top QC calls on the crowd in their wisdom to clear up constitutional chaos

Jun 29 2016 3:29pm

Chasing Shadows

Meet the two lawyer newbies promoted to positions in the shadow cabinet that Corbyn/McDonnell are too busy to occupy

Jun 28 2016 2:40pm

Presidential nominee calls out judge; judge calls for documents to be released

Separation of Powers could be the new Game of Thrones

Jun 1 2016 11:07am

How to get your fellow law students to pay for your summer holiday

Foolproof method! Guaranteed results every time! Win, win, win!

May 25 2016 3:04pm