How to secure pupillage — with Hardwicke, Henderson Chambers and Radcliffe Chambers

Tuesday 26 January, 4pm to 6pm, taking place virtually

Becoming a barrister is tough, but for those with the intellect, talent and grit a career at the Bar is a realistic aim that is worth fighting for.

The difference between success and failure during the pupillage application process can be very small, with successful candidates sometimes making many applications before they secure pupillage.

Lots of learning occurs along the way, as rejection forces bar hopefuls to reappraise their strengths and weaknesses — before going again.

Date: Tuesday 26 January
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Location: Virtual event
Level: Students, Graduates

On Tuesday 26 January we’ll be hearing from three barristers from leading chambers who successfully made their way through this hyper-competitive selection process. The trio — from leading sets Hardwicke, Henderson Chambers and Radcliffe Chambers — will share their experiences and advice to an audience of aspiring barristers on how to navigate the process of securing pupillage. Also on the agenda will be commercial awareness, with the speakers considering some of the key topical issues that future barristers should have on their radar.

The speakers

Katrina Mather, barrister at Hardwicke
Beatrice Graham, barrister at Henderson Chambers
Matthew Mills, barrister at Radcliffe Chambers

The panel discussion will run from 4pm to 5pm, after which there will be virtual networking with the speakers, members of their chambers and their pupillage recruitment teams until 6pm.

Apply to attend. You’ll be asked to submit a CV and two questions for the panel.