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‘I moved to the UK and was appalled by its immigration system, now I’m fighting for reform’

All students should study immigration law, argues Durham prof

Aug 22 2017 9:10am

‘I’m the person behind the Liz Truss and David Lidington parody accounts’

The mystery tweeter has a legal and political background

Jul 20 2017 9:59am

I quit the magic circle to become ‘the new Nigella’, and I have no regrets

Ali Alt waved goodbye to the City to be a full-time foodie

Jul 4 2017 9:27am

I got in trouble for arguing with a pro-life campaigner at school, now I’m a barrister in the Northern Irish abortion law case

Supreme Court ruled in Jeremy Hunt's favour this week, now all eyes are on Strasbourg

Jun 16 2017 9:12am

Politics ‘governs the very air that we breathe’, says former property litigator hoping to topple Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Green Party candidate talks politics, her time studying law at Oxford, and her law firm being targeted by terrorists

Jun 7 2017 9:08am

Snap election series: Once fighting for labour rights, now a Lib Dem candidate

Law graduate who once championed miners' rights in South Africa begins new life canvassing on the streets of east London

Jun 5 2017 9:05am

Snap election series: Moving from City law to politics means working longer hours for less money

But magic circle solicitor turned Labour MP hopeful Bilal Mahmood says it’s his calling

Jun 1 2017 1:31pm

We asked the chairman of the Justice Committee what he thinks about Liz Truss

Bob Neill MP also discusses challenges facing legal profession and shares views on Brexit

Mar 21 2017 10:01am

I used my autism to my advantage and secured a training contract at Reed Smith

Why keep quiet about a disability when it has so many positive aspects?

Feb 13 2017 10:15am

Why I left Linklaters to work on a game for people with dementia

'I miss the people and I miss the team, but with great risk comes great reward'

Feb 6 2017 9:18am

We spoke to Baroness Helena Kennedy QC about Brexit

She chairs the House of Lords’ EU Justice committee, and she thinks we’re living through “an ugly period”

Feb 2 2017 10:11am

Interview: The Linklaters solicitor and the 5 Paper Buildings barrister who swapped cases for cakes

They have very different stories, but both agree working in law made them “miserable”

Dec 20 2016 9:05am

We spoke to the country’s number one EU law professor about what Brexit means for law students

Author of EU law bible also mulls over the High Court challenge and the possibility of a second referendum

Aug 31 2016 9:03am