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10 pieces of commercial awareness gold for students applying for training contracts

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From cryptocurrencies to big data, politics and beyond

Commercial awareness is the buzz phrase on training contract applications — but what does it actually mean, and how can you demonstrate it? RPC’s Trainees take on business blog shows that commercial awareness doesn’t just mean reading about share prices.

1. When we discussed the impact of a sugar tax in the UK (both on the economy and our waistlines!)

Sugar tax: a sweet deal? [Trainees take on business]

2. When the trainees used current commercial trends to predict the future — from politics and business, to entertainment and food… and succeeded (mostly)

Another year of surprises [Trainees take on business]

Were the predictions right? [Trainees take on business]

3. When we demystified insurtech jargon just in case blockchain and machine learning still don’t mean that much to you…

Insurtech Jargon 101: What does it all mean? [Trainees take on business]

4. …and took on cryptocurrencies…

ICOs in Hong Kong [Trainees take on business]

5. …and then Big Data and its Big Problems

Big Data, big problems? [Trainees take on business]

6. When our Hong Kong trainees walked us down the 21st Century Silk Road

The 21st Century Silk Road — China’s Belt & Road Initiative [Trainees take on business]

7. All those times we’ve used a political series as an excuse to eat pizza…

Why the winner won’t take it all in tomorrow’s General Election [Trainees take on business]

8. When we realised our wizarding dreams may become a reality after being spellbound by Uber’s plans for flying cars

Uber prepares for take off [Trainees take on business]

9. When all we wanted for Christmas was commercial awareness

The Twelve “Laws” of Christmas [Trainees take on business]

10. And, last but not least, when we remembered the importance of being supportive of our friends and colleagues’ health and well-being

Supporting a mentally healthy workforce [Trainees take on business]

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