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Full event video: SQE myths and half-truths 

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BPP’s SQE1 Award Leader Caroline Rayson joins students to shed light on common assessment myths

Although the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) has been in force for more than two years now, it is still a source of worry and confusion for many students who are unsure about how best to prepare for it.

In the video (above) of our recent virtual student event, BPP’s SQE1 Award Leader, Caroline Rayson, was joined by BPP SQE LLM students, who recounted their experiences on the course and offered their advice for those considering the SQE as part of their future studies.


The event featured:

Caroline Rayson, SQE1 Award Leader at BPP University Law School and former City lawyer
Christian Stocker, BPP SQE student and future trainee solicitor at Walker Morris
Nathalia Khawand, BPP SQE LLM student and future trainee solicitor at Allen & Overy
Azzurra Russo, BPP SQE LLM student

The session opened with Rayson providing an overview of the qualification regime through the SQE route, as well as the structure of the SQE1 and 2 exams, including what the examined subjects and skills are. The speakers then went on to bust common SQE myths, such as underestimating the difficulty of SQE1 because of its multiple-choice format, and not considering the importance of completing a prep course.

Find out more about studying the SQE at BPP University Law School

There was also discussion on whether non-law graduates would benefit from doing the Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) before embarking on the SQE, as well as cost considerations around the SQE. The session concluded with speakers providing their advice for future SQE students, reflecting on their own experiences of having recently sat the exam.

Legal Cheek is running ‘The SQE series’ with BPP University Law School. The video of each session will be made available one month after each virtual event together with further FAQs arising from each session which SQE experts from BPP are answering.

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