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Full video: The SQE assessments – a deep dive

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SQE trainee and BPP’s Head of Outreach reflect on lessons so far

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) has been in force for just over two years now, with multiple cohorts having sat the SQE1 and SQE2 exams.

At a recent Legal Cheek virtual event (above), we were joined by Jack Sullivan, a trainee solicitor at Cooper & Co who recently completed the SQE2 exams and Jonny Hurst, BPP’s Head of Outreach and former City law firm partner. They came together to discuss lessons learnt from the completed SQE sittings so far, the booking process, pass marks and pass rates, among other SQE-related musings.


The event started off with short introductions from Hurst and Sullivan, as well as a brief overview of the basics of the SQE. Following on from that, Sullivan offered his advice for those undertaking the SQE from a non-law background and whether an SQE prep course or self-study was the way to go. Other topics covered included how to manage the competitive booking process, what the exam experience is like and SQE results.

Legal Cheek is running ‘The SQE series’ with BPP University Law School. The video of each session will be made available one month after each virtual event together with further FAQs arising from each session which SQE experts from BPP are answering.

Find out more about studying the SQE at BPP University Law School

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