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The future is driverless

Our driving laws are not geared up for the possibilities of driverless vehicles, but could the Law Commission have found a way to steer through the obstacles?

Aug 4 2022 9:28am

Seeking asylum: a one-way ticket to Rwanda?

Teshé Rolle, a final year student at The University of Law, looks at the government’s relationship with human rights and its much-discussed plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Jul 25 2022 10:19am

After Roe: Recognising the importance of reproductive rights in England and Wales

Following the US Supreme Court’s controversial reversal of Roe v Wade, aspiring barrister Jade Rae explains the importance of the Abortion Act 1967 in England and Wales

Jul 18 2022 10:39am

X marks the spot: Treasure law reforms in England and Wales

Heritage law enthusiast and future pupil barrister Hillary Curtis takes a look at reforms to protect our rich history of art and culture, in the first of a series on this fascinating subject

Jul 11 2022 11:30am

Welcome to the futuristic world of the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Can old laws govern these radical creations? MSc student and qualified Turkish lawyer, Öznur Uğuz investigates the mysterious entities known as DAOs and finds they have a lot to offer

Jul 6 2022 9:20am

Secrets and lies: The UK’s troubled regime of freedom of information

Second-year LSE law student Nhan Pham-Thanh explores the chequered history of freedom of information in the UK, currently stalled under Boris Johnson’s government

Jun 14 2022 10:54am

The rules of war

Law student Michal Smigla considers international humanitarian law and the consequences of disregarding it

Apr 28 2022 11:39am

Law firms as social enterprises — the future, or just a CSR pipedream?

Future trainee Bethany Barrett explores whether the trend could take off in the legal industry

Apr 22 2022 12:30pm

Is the smart money on ‘smart contracts’?

Law student Tanzeel ur Rehman considers some of the drawbacks of self-executing agreements

Mar 18 2022 9:55am

We need to give greater attention to positive obligations under human rights law

Such European rights should be taught and embraced more widely to uplift society's most vulnerable, argues aspiring barrister Jordan Briggs

Mar 10 2022 12:50pm

Taylor v Catterall: rumble in the public law jungle?

Sports governing bodies beware, writes future magic circle trainee William Holmes

Mar 4 2022 8:54am

The rights and wrongs of life in the metaverse

Future trainee William Holmes takes stock of the various legal issues emerging in the virtual world

Feb 28 2022 9:13am

How should we respond to racial bias and stereotypes in the criminal justice system?

The problem has to be confronted from more than one direction, writes bar student Jalal Chohan

Feb 10 2022 11:23am

Put your trust in computational antitrust

Law student Tanzeel ur Rehman explains how AI is being used to revolutionise competition laws

Feb 3 2022 10:33am

How to tackle cyber hacks on crypto exchanges

LSE law graduate Hui Ting Tan considers the case for reform

Dec 22 2021 10:28am

The law killed e-scooters in the 1930s. Will it kill again?

Future magic circle trainee Will Holmes looks at the case for greater regulation

Dec 10 2021 9:21am

SPACs: What’s all the fuss about?

UCL history student Roisin Blackmore demystifies the commercial awareness buzzword of the moment

Dec 8 2021 9:19am

Johnson & Johnson split: it’s not me, it’s the (pharma) boom

Only time will tell if dividing really means conquering market opportunities, writes Edinburgh University graduate Paola Lindo

Nov 18 2021 9:10am

The Binance backlash

Durham University law student Jamie Campbell looks at the potential dangers of crypto derivatives

Oct 20 2021 10:59am

The rise and fall of the European Super League

Law student and football fan Tanzeel ur Rehman explores breakaways in the beautiful game

Oct 18 2021 10:10am

Shamima Begum: What price have we paid for national security?

UCL graduate and aspiring barrister Atticus Blick explores the case of the former ISIL teenage bride

Sep 23 2021 11:29am