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Museums legal threats to Pornhub are an ‘exhibition of hypocrisy’

The Uffizi and the Louvre are threatening to sue the world's biggest porn site

Aug 31 2021 10:13am

There’s a new art exhibition at the Supreme Court and all the pieces are made by prisoners

Legal Cheek’s Katie King reviews the PAPERWORK exhibition

Sep 9 2016 9:19am

Karaoke Court is actually a thing

The brains behind the legally binding sing-offs found his inspiration in an undergrad jurisprudence lecture

Jun 22 2016 4:29pm

7 cool pieces of art from the Magna Carta exhibition at Gray’s Inn

Rebecca Hossack's exhibition has a sense of humour

Jun 25 2015 5:02pm

Unlikely Piece Of Law Firm Artwork Of The Week

Amid the corporate swirls and twee etchings at HowardKennedyFSi’s offices, where the Legal Cheek team...

Mar 1 2013 4:51pm

Through The Keyhole Of Matrix Barrister Thomas Kibling’s Spectacular East London Home

Matrix employment law barrister Thomas Kibling has a very cool pad…

Oct 10 2012 1:53pm

Lawyer Files a Cartoon To Get Round Five-Page Limit

After having the length of his brief limited to five pages by a judge, New...

Sep 6 2012 10:08am

ADVICE: ‘Could An Artistic Legal CV Help Me To Stand Out From The Crowd?’

Dear Auntie Em, This post on The Student Room asking if legal CVs could be...

Jul 26 2012 1:51pm

Picture of Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf Boss To Sell For £30K

Geoffrey Raymond, an artist who does annotated pictures of fallen Wall Street icons, has turned...

May 15 2012 1:40pm

AUNTIE EM’S HOMESPUN ADVICE FOR LAWYERS: I want to jack in law to become an artist

Dear Auntie Em, Last week I went to an art exhibition sponsored by my [large...

Nov 24 2011 1:19pm