Unlikely Piece Of Law Firm Artwork Of The Week

By LC on

Amid the corporate swirls and twee etchings at HowardKennedyFSi’s offices, where the Legal Cheek team was lucky enough to spend yesterday evening gorging on fine wine and canapés at the firm’s merger bash, one piece of artwork didn’t quite fit…

Had a lost teenage boy put it on the wall having mistaken HowardKennedyFSi’s reception area for his bedroom, we wondered? Or, we puzzled, do the HowardKennedyFSi lawyers especially enjoy listening to the band’s ‘nu-metal’ music in their spare time?

Fortunately, the firm’s media-lawyer-to-the-stars Mark Stephens (pictured below with Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge, #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast host Kevin Poulter and myself) put us straight, revealing that Linkin Park is one of his many celeb clients.