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Minimum pupillage awards to rise next month

A little over £19k for baby barristers in London

Dec 9 2021 2:01pm

Arab Lawyers Union’s Reported Decision To Honour Law Student Suicide Bomber Could Spark UK Response

A story has been doing the rounds on Twitter and in the Blogosphere over the...

Oct 22 2012 12:33pm

Lindsay Lohan, Christian Bale And Other Hollywood Stars Pose With Their Lawyers In Surreal Photoshoot

Imagine a photo of the Queen knocking back sherry with her favourite partner at Farrer...

Jul 20 2012 9:13am

Five Things We Learned From The Lawyer Awards

The food (pictured below) was cold, the award presentations seemed to go on forever and...

Jun 27 2012 2:04pm

6 Lawyers Honoured In Queen’s Birthday List, But Recognition For Basket Maker And Pig Guru Takes Shine Off Accolades

Two judges, a QC and the head of the Crown Prosecution Service woke up over...

Jun 18 2012 9:31am

Law Firms Which Sponsored Award Ceremony In Double Award Win Shocker

“Every single night of every single year the Grosvenor House hotel in London is filled...

May 15 2012 10:00am

Ticket Price to Oscars-style Lawyer Awards Soars to £7K

How do legal magazines that have seen their print advertising revenues plummet over the last...

Jan 20 2012 1:58pm