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Juries of the future could be ‘transported’ to crime scenes using virtual reality headsets

Staffordshire University-led research hopes to revolutionise the way lawyers present criminal cases in court

May 24 2016 12:17pm

BBC takes a gutsy look at legal issues surrounding domestic violence

Shocking documentary shows victims can face a “mockery of justice”

Mar 15 2016 4:00pm

Top lawyers fear online courts could undermine baby barrister development

Internet hearings also usher in inquisitorial justice by back door

Mar 10 2016 12:45pm

Judge in courtroom rant as roof suffers fourth leak due to overflowing barristers’ toilets

Maidstone Crown Court rape trial delayed due to poor facilities management

Mar 9 2016 9:10am

Lawyers kick up a stink at Coventry Magistrates’ Court

Foul smell is “beyond our control”, say court staff

Feb 25 2016 3:03pm

Could court proceedings be coming to your local boozer?

Lord Chief Justice appears to back radical move in wake of court closures

Feb 24 2016 2:32pm

Ministry of Justice confirms 86 courts across England and Wales WILL close

Twenty-two that are set to close will be relocated to other sites

Feb 11 2016 1:54pm

Floods force closure of three Magistrates Courts

Nature disrupts justice

Jan 5 2016 10:05am

Lawyers back magistrate suspended for paying asylum seeker’s court charge

Axe this "laughably unfair" charge, urge members of legal profession

Sep 29 2015 12:28pm

Ministry of Justice slaps penniless tramps with whopping court charges to bolster coffers

The desperate monetisation of Britain’s criminal justice system

Aug 5 2015 5:20pm

The Judge Rules: This holiday, do the London Law Experience

Ministers shouldn’t allow the Royal Courts of Justice to lie fallow for two months -- turn the buildings into a theme park

Jul 31 2015 1:06pm

Leveson slams technophobe judges – and calls for credit card justice

Queen’s Bench Division guvnor calls on colleagues to give up on paper -- especially in complex fraud trials

Jun 25 2015 9:48am

Smooth-talking Gove charms lawyers over legal aid reforms and rule of law

Social media commentators almost fall in love with new Justice Secretary, primarily because he’s not Chris Grayling

Jun 23 2015 1:00pm

The Judge Rules: the justice system has failed the Naked Rambler

Being offended by the naked human form should not trump fundamental rights

Jun 12 2015 9:29am

Exclusive: man appears naked in Appeal Court for first time … probably

Renowned ‘naked rambler’ lives up to name in bid to overturn ASBO sentence -- but sadly its via video link

Jun 9 2015 2:47pm