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Why the ECHR should go medieval

Will Holmes explains how revisiting medieval debates on natural law could improve the application of modern human rights

Jul 4 2022 8:26am

Eco-protest barrister to go to European Court of Human Rights after contempt ruling upheld

'It’s no great surprise that the Supreme Court has decided to side with itself', embargo-breaker Tim Crosland says

Dec 20 2021 12:20pm

Human rights barrister’s tweet flagging Corbyn ECHR clanger goes viral

European Court of Human Rights is 'in part an EU institution', according to Labour leader

Jan 14 2019 10:08am

UK sixth most human rights-friendly country in Europe

Nordic countries more ECHR-compliant, but UK beats Germany, Italy, Spain and 38 others

Jan 29 2018 9:10am

The fight for Gurkha justice is not over

Eurocentrism is making it harder for Gurkha children to settle in the UK

Oct 27 2017 11:56am

ECtHR overturns ruling that allowed boss to snoop on employee’s Yahoo account

Original decision caused right-wing press furore -- and inaccurate reporting

Sep 5 2017 11:23am

Northern Irish women NOT entitled to abortions on NHS, Supreme Court rules

Landmark case decided by majority of 3:2

Jun 14 2017 11:02am

Lawyers divided: Has Theresa May made a U-turn on human rights?

Keeping the Human Rights Act is a Tory manifesto pledge

Jun 7 2017 12:01pm

From swimming lessons to solitary confinement — the highs and lows of human rights

A single week shows the diversity of ECHR cases

Jan 13 2017 12:35pm

Withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights – the next Brexit?

Catgate PM talks of "clean break" with European court and convention

Jan 10 2017 9:20am

EU law or the ECHR: Which does more to combat racial discrimination in Europe?

Both offer something different, but there’s still a long way to go in the fight for racial harmony

Apr 12 2016 10:03am

Nosy bosses CANNOT read your private WhatsApp conversations due to ECHR ruling

Reporters can't resist getting a human rights story wrong

Jan 13 2016 4:22pm