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University of Exeter law grad and Trowers & Hamlins trainee storms to victory in BBC choir competition

Eddie Henley and friends crowned Gareth Malone’s 'Best in Britain'

Dec 8 2016 10:26am

One Direction superstar dating University of Exeter law student

Will the world famous popstar attend Celine Helene Vandycke’s graduation ceremony tomorrow?

Jul 12 2016 4:54pm

Exeter law graduate launches public appeal for job at busy London train station

Wannabe lawyer relies on street performer past in bid to kick-start law career

Dec 1 2015 9:30am

Exeter University confirms that it was one of its professors who had his law lecture remixed

As universities return for autumn, beware, lecturers, of the smartphone-wielding student with video-editing skills. And,...

Sep 16 2013 11:17am

City Lawyer Admits To ‘Trying It On’ With Woman On Edinburgh-London National Express Coach

There was a time, before the financial crisis struck, when City lawyers travelled by plane....

Aug 8 2012 1:04pm

If You Can’t Go To The Best Uni In Town, Should You Find a Smaller Town?

Following last week’s Queen Mary v Durham debate, I received this email from another student....

Apr 26 2012 9:54am