One Direction superstar dating University of Exeter law student

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By Katie King on

Will the world famous popstar attend Celine Helene Vandycke’s graduation ceremony tomorrow?


Niall Horan of One Direction fame has been papped getting close to a University of Exeter law student, sending rumours flying that the pair are dating.

The Irish popstar was spotted with Celine Helene Vandycke at a Mumford & Sons gig this weekend, and One Directioners can’t cope.

if he's happy *sobs* im happy -v

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Over 16,000 followers have flocked to — what is believed to be — Vandycke’s personal Twitter account, to send her messages of support. One tweeter even referred to Vandycke as the Kate Middleton of our generation.

Yes, really.

So, apart from the fact she’s been photographed looking cosy with a world famous millionaire, what more do we know about Vandycke?

Though her LinkedIn page has been deleted, according to reports the Belgian born aspiring lawyer recently graduated from the Russell Group university, and is now studying at the Université de Rennes I in France.

Other publications have reported Vandycke is still studying at Exeter — which means Horan might actually be at the law faculty’s graduation ceremony tomorrow at 9am.

*fingers crossed*

After a bit of snooping around the University of Exeter’s undergrad course list, Legal Cheek thinks it may have solved the mystery.

The future Mrs Horan may be on the LLB Law (European) with Maitrise en Droit or Magister course, which means three years studying in the UK and one in France.

Vandycke isn’t the first lawyer to be thrust into the media spotlight for dating a celeb. Just last week, underwear model David Gandy stepped out with his new bae, family law barrister Stephanie Mendoros.

And then there’s little known Doughty Street barrister Amal Clooney, who also rocketed to worldwide fame when she started dating a certain someone.

Clooney Menderos Vandycke, now there’s a fine name for an international law firm.