Tag: Human rights

Why lawyers are so angry about the quiet change to the Ministerial Code

Government's continued disdain for the law raises temperature of human rights debate

Oct 26 2015 2:03pm

Junior barrister becomes global hero after hopping off bike to challenge China supporters on human rights

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Oct 26 2015 9:38am

‘My Family’ actor with drugs record bids to be human rights barrister

Gabriel Thomson was busted for coke seven years ago, but that's not stopping him from going for philosophy first and then the GDL

Jul 29 2015 12:54pm

Now there’s a mobile app that monitors and records human rights abuses

International lawyers group launches hi-tech tool in fight against tyrants and political fanatics

Jun 8 2015 3:45pm

Campaigners at war over Human Rights Act petition

Online bid to force a referendum has picked up nearly 200,000 signatures, but the experts reckon it’s counterproductive

May 14 2015 9:22am

Chakrabarti Household’s Main Breadwinner Upgrades To The Magic Circle

One of the downsides of making loads of money as a top City lawyer is...

Sep 4 2012 3:27pm

Emma Thompson To Reprise Role Of Solicitor Gareth Peirce In ‘War on Terror’ Film

Everyone has their fantasies. Mine is to win the Bar Council’s legal reporting award, then,...

Apr 12 2012 8:42am

‘He Told Me He Was a Human Rights Lawyer…’

Legal Cheek’s new online dating correspondent InkSplinter on the evening she found out that pensions...

Mar 20 2012 1:55pm