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Top HSBC in-house lawyer tells students to ditch gap years and work at JD Sports instead

Show us that you're not reliant on mummy and daddy, says bar graduate-turned-banking lawyer Sandie Okoro

Jun 11 2015 10:08am

In-house lawyers have been re-branded ‘legal ninjas’

Silicon Valley software company Palantir doesn't have in-house lawyers, it has "legal ninjas" -- and it wants to find one in London, where the term will surely never catch on.

Jun 17 2014 9:05am

‘The whole chargeable hours thing was a bit of a pain in the backside’

There’s a reason not many lawyers move back into practice after going in-house, says Mark...

Nov 29 2013 11:57am

Bringing Facebook-Style Hackathons To The Law

Legal Cheek’s tech correspondent i@n davison shares his diary from one of the all-night hackathons...

Nov 28 2012 10:37am

‘Senior Partners At Major Law Firms Can’t Afford To Live In Central London’, Claims Top US Lawyer

Mark Herrmann, a senior in-house lawyer at multinational company Aon, has recently moved to London...

Oct 12 2012 9:18am

In-House Solicitor Makes Euro 2012 Debut

Sometimes the only way lawyers can sate their thirst for applying rules is by taking...

Jun 14 2012 8:59am

Kate Middleton’s In-House Lawyer Ex-Boyfriend To Marry Marquess’ Daughter

When St Andrews University law student Rupert Finch pulled a hot first year called Kate...

Jun 6 2012 2:48pm

Jaguar Shoes v Jaguar Cars: Blame It On The Lawyers!

Just down the road from my crumbling flat in Hackney Legal Cheek’s Dalston studios is...

May 25 2012 9:32am

Ryanair Boss Boasts About His In-House Lawyers’ Low Pay

Ryanair’s commitment to cheapness extends to its in-house lawyers, it has emerged. In a spat...

Feb 22 2012 4:01pm

The Most Aptly Named Lawyer Ever?

In-house lawyer Sue Yoo is up there with Lord Chief Justice Judge in the legal...

Feb 13 2012 3:40pm

In-House Lawyer in ‘Fat Arse’ Storm

Lawyers who work in-house at companies tend to fit in pretty well with their organisations’...

Feb 7 2012 2:07pm

In-House Lawyers’ Pay Keeps Going Up (but so does inflation)

Working as an in-house lawyer in a company is seen as one of the less...

Jan 16 2012 1:12pm

The Revenge of The Ex

“Bad day for the internet. Having been there, I can imagine the dissension @Google to...

Jan 11 2012 4:44pm


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek is watching you… Smugly delivered tired gag of the week @ZASaunders...

Dec 2 2011 3:16pm


Follow @AlexAldridgeUK Former News of the World legal chief can make in-house lawyers proud in...

Nov 7 2011 10:31am