In-House Solicitor Makes Euro 2012 Debut

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By Alex Aldridge on

Sometimes the only way lawyers can sate their thirst for applying rules is by taking extra jobs where they get to apply more rules.

Forth Electrical Services in-house counsel Craig Thomson, who last night refereed Portugal’s dramatic 3-2 win over Denmark, is an example of this phenomenon.

The problem is finding enough time to fit everything in: Thomson’s rise to the top of international refereeing follows his 2008 decision to trade his job as an associate at Edinburgh corporate law firm Maclay Murray & Spens for his current legal role, which he does just two days a week in order to concentrate on football.

Judging by this recent interview, Thomson seems over the moon about making the Euros, where he is no doubt giving 110%, although I detected a parrot-like sickness in him about the Scottish football team’s failure to qualify for the tournament…

The 40 year-old is the most high profile of a number of British solicitors who double up as football referees. Others include Brechin Tindal Oatts chairman Willie Young, who has since retired as a FIFA referee, and Berwins associate – and curent FA ref – Edward Taylor.