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6 easy ways wannabe lawyers can ace their vac scheme video interviews

As demonstrated through TikToks 🎶

Feb 2 2021 9:19am

‘Unexploited’ legal market gives lawyers chance to escape grind and become tech entrepreneurs

Corporate lawyer founder of Silicon Roundabout legal start-up on how he secured £260K investment -- and why he sees market primed with opportunity for solicitors and barristers

Feb 3 2015 10:13am

The Perils Of Interviewing Lawyers

Lawyers’ aversion to risk makes them awful to interview. Attempt to challenge this rule of...

Mar 12 2012 9:48am

Lunch with Legal Cheek: Mark Stephens

You can change the world through law, star media lawyer Mark Stephens tells Emily Jupp,...

Mar 6 2012 1:59pm