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Kaplan Law School to close

Third largest player in England and Wales legal education market takes a nosedive after eight years in business

Aug 25 2015 11:35am

Fewer students apply for law school scholarships than you think

Leicester Uni law grad Hannah Blake used her Kaplan Law School LLM LPC scholarship as a springboard to a City training contract

Jul 23 2015 12:41pm

9 essentials that successful training contract applicants grasp

It's often the subtle things that mark out candidates taken on by leading firms

Jun 29 2015 1:44pm

BPP hit by setback in bid to become a uni as union says move would put students ‘at risk’

Most law students claim to be indifferent to whether the places where they do their...

Mar 18 2013 12:56pm

Power Shift To The (Mid-Level) People Set To Herald Rise Of The ‘Indie Lawyer’

Social media is giving individual solicitors and barristers a voice and helping them to develop...

Dec 6 2012 2:25pm

What Will Replace The Fading Dreams Of City Law Megabucks And Criminal Bar Glamour?

This is the central question that the panel will be discussing at Legal Cheek‘s Google...

Dec 5 2012 9:36am

EVENT: Legal Cheek At The Google Campus

On the evening of Wednesday 5 December Legal Cheek is hosting a star-studded panel debate...

Oct 16 2012 7:55am

Should Law Schools Refund Students if They Can’t Get a Job?

In a move that may interest jobless British law graduates and the bigwigs on the...

Feb 28 2012 2:50pm

EXCLUSIVE: BPTC Providers’ Wildly Differing Exam Lengths Provoke Unfairness Accusations

BPTC students are up in arms about the wildly differing lengths of exam times between...

Feb 28 2012 10:31am

Errors, Unhappy Staff & Mediocre Students: BPTC Monitoring Results

Legal Cheek brings you the parts of the Bar Standards Board report the providers won’t...

Jan 9 2012 12:33pm


Follow @FellowsAdam Bar graduate Adam Fellows on why, in spite of the odds, he’s determined...

Oct 27 2011 1:23pm