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Law Commission seeks advice on regulating self-flying cars

Concerns over safety and liability

Feb 27 2024 11:46am

Law Commission lambasted over espionage law proposals

Journalists, NGOs and lawyers not happy

Feb 24 2017 10:51am

Codify all the criminal law, says the country’s number one judge

Your statute books may be about to get a lot thicker

Jul 8 2016 9:24am

Tweeting Like It’s 1984: Why Police’s Bright Idea To Ban Anonymous Bloggers Could Herald Orwellian Dystopia

Imagine a world where everything you say and write is stored indefinitely and attributable to...

Aug 17 2012 9:46am

Taking The Piss Out Of Judges To Be Legalised

At Legal Cheek, we enjoy taking the piss out of judges. Especially when they appear...

Aug 13 2012 3:35pm

Killing Time In Pre-Pupillage Purgatory

Pupillage-less prospective barrister Jack Smith is wary of forking out yet more cash on a...

Mar 27 2012 9:58am