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Charlotte Proudman launches new assault on judiciary while revealing very personal glimpses into her life in the media spotlight

Barrister interlaces shocking new allegations with fascinating insights into the woman behind the headlines

Nov 9 2015 9:28am

Is Charlotte Proudman about to sue the tabloids?

Labelling me a 'Feminazi' is defamatory, claims barrister-turned-gender commentator

Oct 2 2015 9:15am

Bar Council chief and Dechert’s Miriam González-Durántez latest to back Proudman feminist movement

LinkedIn row barrister now has support of Nick Clegg's City lawyer wife and a less enthusiastic Alistair MacDonald QC

Sep 28 2015 11:23am

At last, Lord Sumption has a friend! Top female QC comes out in support of under-fire Supreme Court judge

Sarah Forshaw QC backs Sumption over women judges comments; as shadow Lord Chancellor is latest to put boot in

Sep 24 2015 5:15pm

Now it’s Proudman versus Sumption: LinkedIn row barrister slams Supreme Court judge

27-year old is seizing new role is unofficial spokesperson for nation's female lawyers

Sep 24 2015 10:01am

This corporate law firm’s 1956 guide to recruiting ‘lady lawyers’ is slightly terrifying

"If the paper records are the same, the man is given preference, barring some personality defect"

Sep 14 2015 11:55am

Is It OK For Barristers To Call Their Client a ‘Slag’?

This morning, I tweeted a story about a barrister who’d described his client as a...

Jul 16 2012 1:04pm


Follow @debbiematthews1 Debbie Matthews regrets her night out with a senior male colleague Wednesday morning....

Dec 7 2011 9:13am


Follow @debbiematthews1 Women are rarely welcomed into judges’ chambers for cosy post-case chats, says Deborah...

Nov 16 2011 10:28am