Is Charlotte Proudman about to sue the tabloids?

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By Alex Aldridge on

Labelling me a ‘Feminazi’ is defamatory, claims barrister-turned-gender commentator


Sexism row barrister Charlotte Proudman has issued what appears to be a thinly-veiled threat to sue the Daily Mail for labelling her a ‘Feminazi’.

Writing in her latest Guardian column — she has penned three now since becoming a global media sensation through her skilful use of social media — Proudman claims that to suggest “those who challenge gender inequality are feminazis is, arguably, libellous”.

The Mansfield Chambers family law junior, 27, elaborates:

It is a false statement because feminists are not Nazis, and it could be defamatory because being branded some kind of a crypto-Nazi implies extremist and even homicidal ambitions.

Warming to her theme, she continues:

Labelling someone a feminazi publicly castigates and vilifies them and creates public perceptions that are untrue. It renders them at risk of being stigmatised, hated and unemployable. All of this for daring to contest the abuse of women.

Certainly Proudman’s closing lines will send a few shivers down the spine of the Daily Mail‘s legal department:

Let there be no mistake: a war of words is upon us.

Could these words — which were delivered as part of wider guide to how feminists can fight linguistic smears — be the prelude to a claim that not only banks the legal aid rookie some potentially much-needed cash, but also keeps her in the spotlight for a while longer?

The headline that the Daily Mail could live to regret: