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LSE law professor’s joy as ‘Silicon Valley’ themed exam question goes viral in the US

Fans of hit American TV show go crazy over English IT law problem

May 20 2016 10:19am

‘We have lollipops’: lawyer’s surreal response to cease & desist letter goes viral

Inspired, perhaps, by this wonderful recent response to a “ham-fisted” cease and desist letter, US...

Sep 4 2013 1:23pm

Lawyer’s swaggering response to ‘ham-fisted’ cease and desist letter goes viral

The US legal blogosphere was lit up yesterday by a brilliant leaked response to a...

Jun 19 2013 11:44am

‘Lawyer Dog’ Meme Goes Viral

Legal Cheek‘s associate editor Emily Jupp, who by day works as a journalist in the...

Apr 18 2012 8:52am