‘Lawyer Dog’ Meme Goes Viral

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Legal Cheek‘s associate editor Emily Jupp, who by day works as a journalist in the digital team at The Independent, tells me that pictures of animals tend to generate particularly high web traffic – not that the Indy ever resorts to such tricks, of course.

So Lawyer Dog’s success should come as no surprise. Lawyer Dog is, by the way, a dog who has been hilariously dressed up as a lawyer! But the fun doesn’t stop there. Lawyer Dog comes up with the most fabulous wisecracks, too.

In no way seeking to exploit the animal = lots of hits rule, I bring you more fun-packed Lawyer Dog scenes below…

There’s more Lawyer Dog at and


Ed Adams

How the Legal Dog meme began: (Bloomberg Law


Antoinette J. Joule

Am I hideously mistaken in concluding that the only time the word fart appears on your site Ms.Jupp, the non legal eagle, is somehow involved? Is it perchance in your strategic plan to systematically eradicate 5th form toilet humor from your informative site and replace it with words of more substance and benefit to the more professional and mature women consumers? New Zealand is a slightly more serious place I figure.


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