Is cyber bullying a cyber crime?

The suicide of Amanda Todd shined a light on the issue, now we must act, says Andrew Chan in his shortlisted entry to the BARBRI International Cyber Crime Blogging Prize

Jul 4 2017 2:17pm

It’s time to take the power away from cyber criminals

Most cyber crime victims don't even know they're cyber crime victims, says Marina Perry in her shortlisted entry to the BARBRI International Cyber Crime Blogging Prize Competition

Jun 2 2017 3:02pm

Is bribing public officials ever justified?

It’s a double-edged sword

Mar 23 2017 10:43am

The invisible crime of female genital mutilation

“Abused unchecked” report reveals zero convictions in 16 years, but maybe that’s because the law is far too unclear

Nov 1 2016 9:10am

Parliament, follow Nevada’s lead and make legal, licensed brothels a thing

Prostitutes are entitled to a safe workplace

Sep 7 2016 1:05pm

Do our gun laws leave us open to a US-style shooting?

A critical look at UK firearms law and why it's still lagging behind

Aug 25 2016 10:07am

Why I think you should be able to buy illegal drugs from licensed shops

The law on drugs and why it’s so, so wrong

Aug 8 2016 10:25am

How is the EU tackling financial crime?

A brief exploration of the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

Jun 30 2016 1:44pm

‘Everyone was doing it!’: The LIBOR rigging scandal

A closer look at the law on dishonesty in the context of financial crime

Jun 24 2016 11:16am

Anti-money laundering framework: Does it stain our rights?

Crime prevention methods that limit our liberties need to be re-evaluated

Jun 9 2016 2:25pm

What do Spider-Man and Superman teach us about criminal justice?

Lessons in law from the pages of comic books

Jun 7 2016 11:16am

The curious case of Zapata v HSBC Holdings Plc: What happens when Mexican drug cartel victims take on the banks

Ruth Keating, runner up of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize, takes a look at this David and Goliath case

Jun 2 2016 12:11pm

Tom Hayes LIBOR rigging case: A message sent to the world of banking

Theodora Christoforou, runner up of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize, explores the first of its kind case

May 31 2016 10:05am

Inside insider trading: Tabernula and Salman – high stakes on both sides of the Atlantic

From Southwark to Washington, Tom Watret explores the future of financial crime -- in the winning entry of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize

May 26 2016 10:53am

R v Jogee – A Supreme Court betrayal

The campaign against the joint enterprise doctrine is not over

May 13 2016 12:22pm

Race in the criminal justice system: What role does it play 20 years after the OJ Simpson trial?

Police brutality is alive and well on the streets of America

May 4 2016 10:57am

Joshua Rozenberg: Delayed legal highs law will be a fruitful ground for litigation — when it’s finally implemented

Poppers are probably exempt from the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, but no one is quite sure about jalapeño peppers

Apr 7 2016 10:05am