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Smugly delivered tired gag of the week

@ZASaunders (family law barrister Zoe Saunders)

"law students: #Starbucks job news means that even if you can't be a barrister you can be a barista - it's all in the pronunciation ;) "

Elsewhere, a high-profile barrister tries to be funny without offending anyone too important

@ksjr4(Kirsty Brimelow QC) going courageously head-to-head with the Old Bailey’s catering staff:

"Just had Old Bailey fish. Always a slight risk towards the end of the week..."

Turncoat of the week

@legalfutures  (AKA the journalist Neil Rose)

The Lawyer magazine's Slough headquarters

"Yesterday my first ever visit to offices of @TheLawyermag. In my @lawgazette days wd have been the belly of the beast. Now rather like them"

Meanwhile, in the week that Legal Cheek’s campaign to ban 'going forward' was launched, a corporate lawyer rounds on corporate-speak

@legalbrat (FT general counsel Tim Bratton) exposes another bête noire:

"Lawyers: can we ban "revert"? Please? As it's Friday and all."

And finally...*sigh*...even their jokes contain disclaimers

In-house lawyer @Kilroyt, who has recently lost a stone, makes a confession:

"Now (partially) get this Kate Moss "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" thing."

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