Glasgow Law School #bakeyourresearch event throws up jury biscuits and family law wedding cakes

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But who was declared the winner?

Researchers at the University of Glasgow’s School of Law have delighted the Twitterati with cake depictions of their research topics.

Taking a break from gruelling research papers, the Russell Group university buffs got their creative caps on as part of yesterday’s #bakeyourresearch event. One was Professor James Chalmers, a criminal law professor with an interest in fraud.

Then there was fellow professor of criminal law Fiona Leverick, who delighted Twitter with her jury trial biscuit bake.

Then there’s this fetching, and very blue, effort by Jill Robbie, who specialises in private and property law.

This bake came from Professor Ernest Metzger, a specialist in Roman law and Roman civil procedure.

But winning the light-hearted bake off was family law professor Jane Mair, whose sprinkle-laden wedding cake couldn’t help but put a smile on our faces.

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Roman Law has been accurately represented by the indigestible and frankly disgusting cake. I am pleased by this.


SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya,

Ah 11.13. You are the 21st person to comment here. But all were deleted in the great purge. Trust no one


Alma Mater

Love the jury biscuits… But shocked at the lack of gingerbread counsel.


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